Virat Kohli escapes a plumb lbw appeal

Virat Kohli and his men won the second T20 game of the series last night and they had some lucky chances in the game. The luck favored India and England did not get much of it in their batting. India played well in the last four overs of the game.

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England dominated the game for 36 overs and yet failed to win the game. Kohli was out to Chris Jordan in the first innings and the umpire did not give it. He was absolutely plumb in front of the wickets and yet somehow the umpire thought the ball was not hitting the wickets.

Indian captain is coming as an opener these days. He has to come back at number 3 because when he goes in as the opener the middle order from Indian team looks very weak and we have seen that in practical as well. Kohli also has not scored much as an opener in the first two games.