Shahid Afridi Telling Interesting Story Of Australian Lady Invited Abdul Razzaq

Shahid Afridi is one of these gamers in Pakistan cricket who has plenty of memories to share. He has played almost two decades of global cricket and consequently he knows lots than many other gamers. He shared a funny incident about Abdul Razzaq on a display.

Afridi said that they were touring Australia and had been invited for a dinner via a Pakistani circle of relatives. Razzaq, Afridi and other players went for the dinner. Razzaq after looking at the searching at all of the dishes requested the host about spinach. Shahid Afridi become joined by way of Ahmad Shahzad in the display. The host of the show become none other than the former Pakistani take a look at player Mohammad Wasim. Wasim asked Afridi to percentage some funny incident about Abdul Razzaq. Afridi first instructed the nick names which Razzaq had.

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He stated that Razzaq become used to be named Foji and Chunni Babu. Afridi then went into the info of this incident. He stated that in Australia if a few Pakistan invited you to his house for dinner or lunch that may be a big thing. human beings regularly don’t so this. they like to look at cricket and continue to be there most effective.

Razzaq and Afridi each had been the a part of that dinner. Now Razzaq fist had an in depth look on every dish and at the end he did now not see spinach. He went to the woman who invited them all to her domestic and asked here about the spinach. The woman replied with a announcement that this is not a restaurant and that positioned Razzaq in shame. Afridi stated that for him even consuming have become all too tough. He managed to take some food and then went out of the residence. Afridi then grilled Razzaq for asking spinach. Razzaq is especially keen on spinach and that is the reason he was seeking out the equal dish in that dinner.