Rickey Ponting out caught three times

Former Australian batting guru and captain Rickey Ponting performed a charity game last night in opposition to the celebrities. Ponting needed to face some extreme fielding capabilities by using the celebrities. the former Australia captain was out 3 instances however become very fortunate to get away from all three of them.

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the primary time he changed into held within the deep at first-rate leg. It turned into a no ball and Ponting got stored. the second one time on the subsequent ball he changed into caught at short mid-wicket. It become a free hit for this reason Ponting did now not get out. The third time it was the wicket keeper who caught him down the leg side and umpire ignored that one.

Ponting first picked the ball off his pads and this shot did now not come from the center. It went in the air and the fielder took a notable jogging capture to his proper. The ball become falling down on him and the fielder genuinely judged this one with an absolute beauty of an effort.