Hong Kong Super Sixex 2011 Shahid Afridi Sixes against New Zealand

Shahid Afridi has performed the well-known Asian event the Hong Kong super Sixes. returned in 2011 he turned into a part of this occasion but he did not represent the Pakistan aspect. interestingly Shahid Afridi changed into a part of the world 11 in this tournament.

Pakistan had some other team and they finally received this tournament that year. right here we see the batting glimpses of Afridi in one of the in shape in opposition to New Zealand. Afridi smashed some massive sixes in his innings. there was a rain of sixes hit by way of Afridi that day.

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This was the start of the show. the next one become hit instantly over long on. This time Afridi were given the suitable ball. It became a length ball pitched at the center stump and Afridi did now not pass over this one. He heaved it over and straight out of the floor. subsequent hit from Afridi showed how lots muscles he has got. This ball changed into short and proper for the time being whilst Afridi became approximately to drag this one, he lost his right hand grip off the bat. He went together with his shot and made the ball disappear into the tress on the leg side. Now that turned into a few sheer power.