Saeed Ajmal’s Best Bowling Against England

Pakistani Bowler magic spinner Saeed Ajmal Took 7 wickets For 55 Runs Vs England at at Dubai (Pak Vs Eng 1st take a look at 2012)

Pakistan won by means of 10 wickets
18.6 to Strauss, 87.0 kph, Strauss goes for the pull to a ball by no means there for the stroke, the shipping skids on and the england captain loses his off stump. a lot too complete to drag and it skidded on to go away Strauss nowhere along with his tried pull, he changed into miles away from it 42/three

20.1 to Bell, 90.five kph, oh out once more! that is wonderfully bowled. The doosra, Bell doesn’t pick out it and receives a feather-part in the back of. A beautiful period brings Bell ahead and the ball simply grips enough to straighten away from the forward push of Bell. It’s the faintest of edges and a simple trap to the keeper. brilliant stuff from Ajmal forty two/four

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20.four to Pietersen, greater drama as this squeezes past the outside fringe of Pietersen, runs away for leg byes, now there’s a assessment this may nicely be out. looks very immediately. It’s out! Slips beyond Pietersen’s ahead prod, moves him on the lower back pad on the roll bending ahead and the replays have the ball happening to hit center and leg 1/2 manner up forty three/five
seventy two.3 to Anderson, 87.1 kph, that’ll do it. A slider onto Anderson’s the front pad, placing him midway up and the finger is raised. It held its line enough to grab a bite of the leg stump at the replays. Seven wickets for Ajmal, a marvellous overall performance. 192/10