Pakistani students comes up with chucking solution

Pakistani students have revolutionized with another important solution for a prime trouble in cricket. Chucking is an issue which PCB has now been dealing with lots. Saeed Ajmal went into the darkness because of this issue. however now the answer is right here.

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Pakistani students from NUST have given PCB a device which is within the shape of a sleeve. This sleeve monitors whether a bowler is chucking or not. If indicates and offers consequences and if the results are effective then the bowler is in problem. If now not then he is apparent.

that is one problems which PCB has been going through for the past few years now. Saeed Ajmal is the top example of it. He used to bend his arm loads and as a result ICC took movement in opposition to him. Now he is a story of the past and nothing extra. He has cleared his movement now but the modification in it has taken his spin and other kill each.