Smith dropped by Sharjeel Khan, 4th ODI 2017

The fielding from Pakistan has no longer been precise inside the Australia collection. they have got dropped a few essential catches. within the closing game Handscomb changed into dropped and right here Smith has been given a 2nd life. Sharjeel Khan simply could not take a regulation capture.

Usman Khawaja wicket to Hasan Ali, 4th ODI 2017

Australia are one wicket down right here. Pakistan after bowling a steak of good overs get their rewards. that is high-quality bowling from the Pakistani bowlers. Hasan Ali took this wicket and this is an vital one. Khawaja became looking top inside the middle.

Young little boy impresses with his bowling

a bit younger youngster who hails from Abbotabad has surely bowled over every one along with his bowling motion. This kid is from the same area and is derived right here in this club frequently. he is getting schooling here and his run up and bowling action is in reality matchless.

Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq together after long time

Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq each have played quite a few cricket collectively. the two Pakistani players have given a number of super performances for the Pakistan aspect and that they had been ranked as of the first-class all-rounders for Pakistan in their times.